Machinima Studio Tutorials

1. Introduction to Machinima Studio

 This video covers:
  • Plugins
  • Basic GUI introduction
  • File types (audio, models, textures)

2. Creating your first scene

 This video covers:
  • How to create a scene in different ways
  • Scene object properties
  • The basics about model and camera objects

3. Lighting up your scene

 This video covers:
  • Adjusting scene light settings
  • Different light types
  • Model appearance

4. Move It! - Dynamic objects in your scene

 This video covers:
  • Basic concept of controllers
  • How to change scene objects over time

5. Capturing / Exportint your scene

 This video covers:
  • Screenshots
  • Standalone output
  • Render Export
  • Model Export

Other Tutorials

World of Warcraft: ADT export/import - 3ds Max

(by Michichael)

 This video covers:
  • ADT export from Machinima Studio
  • ADT import into 3ds Max

World of Warcraft: ADT Terrain tiling - Normal & Reflect mapping

(by iwkya)

 This video covers:
  • ADT Terrain tiling in 3ds Max
  • Terrain Normal & Reflect mapping

World of Warcraft: ADT texture tiling

(by iwkya)

 This video covers:
  • ADT texture tiling in 3ds Max

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