Premium Membership

How do I become a Premium Member?

You're just 2 easy steps away from being a premium member.

1. Get your Premium Membership here!
2. Enter the Activation Key you received by e-mail and unlock all features.

How much does it cost?

The Premium Membership costs € 14.95 (~USD 19.99).

Note: All future Machinima Studio updates are included, pay once - use forever!

Premium Benefits - or - why should I buy it:

A tool like this doesn't just grow on a tree over night. To get a little something back for all the months/years i've spent to build such a tool, I decided to make some features only available to "premium" users who buy a key to unlock the full featureset.

- First and most important, by buying Machinima Studio you support the further development of new features and plugins with your membership.

- Get you own personal Support-Id which can be used to ask questions and request support for your problems with Machinima Studio.

- Unlock the full featureset of Machinima Studio (Save Files, Export Scenes and Models, Standalone Output etc.).

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